Real Simple?

I notice there is a sidebar function here with some instructions about RSS. I didn’t know what that stood for, nor did I remember the three letter acronym. I only remember this small orange cubic with one third of the radiation sign in it. And I remember that it seems to be everywhere on the web and whenever I click it, it just brings more instructions that give me headaches.

Today, I was surprised and ashamed to find out that the acronym stands for “Real Simple Syndication.” If that’s so, it must mean that I’m real stupid or outdated: I never find it simple; I never know what’s that for. I feel fed up with this “web feed” thing. It makes me wonder if the fact that I find it difficult has anything to do with the fact that I still don’t know how to use Outlook, which I tried a dozen times but always stopped at the first few steps: too complicated, for me.

Now I realize that my biggest fear is not that one day my future kid(s) would  loathe me for not understanding web 2.0 or 3.0 or whatever. My biggest fear is that when the machines are taking over the human race, like in The Terminator, I might not be able to understand how that happened from the very beginning.


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