I just don’t get it

May 29, 2008

So it turned out that lots of chinese students are still arguing on youtube over who was right and wrong about the Tiananmen massacre (or incident, whichever you want to use). I just don’t get it why they don’t see the bigger picture. 

Why don’t they focus on the question why no one can publicly discuss it in china? Why don’t they just ask why they cannot form a club and go to the very square and discuss it? 

Wasting time arguing who is right and wrong? OK, here we go: who was right and who was wrong in WWII, china or Japan? Let’s see…. Well, before we get to the answer, let’s count how many movies and books are legally out there that are about this topic? I guess I will have to borrow some fingers and toes to count it up. 

Now, let’s see how many movies or books are out there legally in china about Tiananmen? Let’s see……………….. I think my brain just protested. So can some smart, well-educated chinese student give me a hand?