Standing up in a bus

I personally have no problem with standing in the bus when there is no seat available. I have to say that I have never boarded a single “crowded” bus in the US. If you have lived in China, you have a different definition of “crowded.” The bus is not crowded if you can stand in it without any physical contact with anyone.

But apparently that’s not the case for some people in Seattle. Here is the words from one on Seattle Times: “I refuse to stand up. It’s just crazy, we’re like sardines.” The photo of that stories shows, however, that even though there are people standing in the bus, they still have a perfect personal “bubble” around them.

I don’t see any craziness in standing in a bus. What I find crazy is people can easily get mad when someone said “this is a nation of whiners” while actually, however, it is.


One Response to Standing up in a bus

  1. Vincent says:

    That is hilarious.

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