The Mother of All Bombs

That’s the real name of a real bomb, called the MOAB (mother of all bombs). It’s the biggest none nuclear bomb with a blast radius of over 150 yards. This is how it was shown on FutureWeapons on the Military Channel. The commentator says: “You are at full scale war, but you can’t go nuclear, what do you do?” Then the next footage is a B-52 dropping cluster bombs. “You can drop hundreds of bombs, but civilians can be harmed.” Then I automatically think he’s about to talk about some “smart bomb” that can alleged hit Saddam’s trash can in his office but not his desk. But guess what, the next footage is a huge cargo plan dropping something in the size of a truck–the MOAB. After the bang on the ground, the commentator said: “this footage is taken blar blar miles away, and the cloud created by the bomb reached several thousand (or hundreds, I could be wrong) feet. That is indeed the biggest bang I’ve ever seen apart from the nuclear bomb. The commentator continues: “this one bomb can destroy the whole downtown area…”

But wait, I thought you said something about not harming the civilians just five minutes ago….


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