Headline: Sunrise This Morning

I ventured into the Chinese web page of Yahoo News yesterday, and this headline came into my sight: No Big Problem Found in Stimulus Spending.

My universe! Is this even news report? For one thing, I don’t recall the last time the media in China questioning any governmental policy. Since there has never been any problem in anything since 1949, what’s the point of reporting that there is, as usual, no problem? That seems like reporting that today there is sunrise in the morning. Duh!

On the other hand, no one can deny that China has a very serious corruption problem. Just look at the number of the corrupted officials disclosed each year, not to mention the high possibility of undisclosed, on-going, and future corruptions. Now, you have this ridiculously large amount of money to spend on the one hand, and this strikingly high rate of corruption on the other. It doesn’t take an actor to show the emotion called “worry.”

No protection for whistle blowers, no independent judiciary, no congressional oversight, no free media questioning anything…. No Problem!


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