Shaking Hands with the Devil

April 21, 2009

I often watch Fox News for sheer entertainment. The commentators often times have no idea what they are talking about; their blind rage toward the current administration is pretty funny. At the same time, MSNBC makes me sick. The Rachel Maddow show is not that different from a news talk show in China or North Korea. Really, you don’t find too much critical thinking about the current administration there. What you can find is the constant comparison between this administration and the last one. The last thing this country needs is a bunch of journalists pointing out how bad the past used to be. I get it: in the past, we used to live in caves, eat raw meat (that is, if we were lucky) and mate with our own family members; that pretty much means today we are living in paradise.

Watching these channels, it really strikes me how easy these guys can sell their lies and biased opinions to the public, who often buy one side or the other. Many comments on these channels are not even based on simple facts in history or logic.

For example, Fox News made a big deal about Obama shaking hands with Chavez, saying that the president shouldn’t even bother to touch that dictator. They are arguing that since Obama is the leader of the free world, he should send a strong signal to the anti-freedom regimes that we are not your friends and we don’t deal with you. Fine. But why the hell did US even bother to negotiate with North Korea? Is that country really our ally now? How about China, whose current president, when he was serving as the CCP head of Tibet, ordered a bloody crackdown there in 1989 shortly before the Tiananmen massacre? Is he a freedom loving dude now? Hey, what about Mao Zedong who shook hands with Nixon at a time when Cultural Revolution was ongoing and US flags were still burned along with the Soviet flag? Guess what China got shortly afterwards? The UN security council seat.

The conclusion is simple: Those commentators on Fox News are hypocrites. When it’s a small evil figure like Chavez, they find it easy to attack using arguments such as what they made; when it’s a tough or rich evil, they keep a blind eye to it. Is there a better word than coward that can fit in here? I don’t like politicians and their compromises. I do believe that the US government and most importantly, the American people, should have some strong principles in foreign policy that they are willing to stick to and sacrifice for. But nothing is more dangerous than having a policy that can be easily compromised with threat of force or economic power. This is sadly the situation today; most people don’t even realize it. Fox news at least in this incident, when seemingly defending the principle of freedom or democracy, is actually intentionally or unintentionally dragging the country deeper into this dangerous situation.